Sparky used to be a pet dog, but his owner abandoned him as he broke up with his girlfriend. A long time ago, he helped his owner's brother shoot a bear by grabbing the gun in his mouth and pointing it at the direction of the bear's head. After the shooting, his owner tied the bullet to Sparky's collar which is made of rope.

Now that Sparky is a stray, he has marked his own territory in the middle of the mountains of Ohu. But while he's out hunting, he is found and snatched away from his territory by two German Shepherds.. He tries to fight them off, but he ends up getting beaten and he allows them to "take him as hostage." Sparky is taken several miles away from his territory and he eventually finds himself surrounded by a whole pack of wild dogs. Now scared, he tells them he didn't trespass on their territory and orders them to put the blame on his "kidnappers." A battle-scarred kishu steps up and introduces himself as Kyoushiro and a few more of them also tell Sparky their names including George, Akame, Sauske, Izou, and Rocket. The German Shepherds even introduce themselves as Jerome and Lydia. After meeting all the wild dogs, Weed welcomes Sparky to the pack and takes him on a tour around their territory.

Sparky becomes very interested in the Ohu Army now and he decides to join them. He fights, hunts, and sleeps with them for a few weeks then Weed agrees with adding him to the pack. When the bible-thumpers attack, the Ohu Army is close to losing, but Sparky tells them that they joined the fight to win it. He also says that enemies are enemies, but that doesn't mean they should let the bible-thumpers win. This gives his friends courage and they manage to fight off the bible-thumpers. But as the evil dogs run off, Izou's son known as Narusuke finds Sparky dead underneath a fallen tree. He also notices a sharp rock near the stump which makes him think one of the bible-thumpers used it to make the tree fall on Sparky.

A former biblethumper named Crematory breaks the news about Sparky's death to Kimaru, the mate of Teru who wasn't able to come to the fight because she's nursing Teru's puppies.

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