Shinji is one of the children of Akakiba. He bonded with Tiny as a puppy and would never let him go places unless he's with him.

When Tiny and Takeshi's mate, Sayoko come looking for Shinji and his other siblings, Shinji follows their trail and footprints, but he doesn't find them. Shinji never sees Tiny again and he grieves him for the rest of the story. When he breaks the news, all his siblings start to grieve.

One day, they see Tiny running with a another puppy's corpse in his mouth. Shinji jumps in front of him and orders him to drop the corpse which he doesn't do. Shinji goes behind Tiny and he finally releases the corpse and asks him what he's doing in their father's territory confusing Shinji. He doesn't say anything and leaves Tiny be.

Shinji and his siblings join the Ohu Army while Tiny lives with Sayoko and her newly born children.

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