Moron was one of the Ohu soldiers, formerly one of Moss' followers that fought against the giant bear, Akakabuto. He was one of the dogs that were vitiated by Akakabuto's rockfall, but he survived and came to a village in Ohu to live as a pet. Allthough, his owner had a large black cat who he was afraid of. He couldn't stand living with the cat and left his home to reunite with his pack.

When Gin sees him slide down a mountain, calling his name, he runs over and greets his long lost follower. Moron also agrees to help fight against the bible-thumpers who are shitting on their food and molesting the pups.

During the battle against the bible-thumpers, Moron is decapitated by a random dog from the 2nd Generation. This angers Tesshin who kills the dog, avenging Moron's death.

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