A Kiinu dog after eating his favorite meal of literal shit.


This is a picture of Lonely Ron, who is not in this dumb story.

Hairo attacking

This is a picture of Akakama, who is not in this dumb story.

Shiro grrr

This is a shittily-edited picture of Kamajiro, who is not in this dumb story.

Kuro bark
The Kiinu Clan (English translation: Tree Dog Clan) is the Clan of wild dogs that live in the centre of Ohu and have overcame the trees in the area as their home. Their prefered prey is turds, little girls, rapists, pickpockets, and other things like that.

When the Ohu Army returns to their homeland, the Kiinu Clan drops down on them and fights them for a while until their leader, Kage is fatally injured. Three of the dogs tend Kage's wounds while Izou's new children, Tomie, Akure, Narusuke, Kazekage, Koku, and Naraku reunite with their father and the rest of the Kiinu Clan beg for their lives. Weed says they look good enough to be added to the Ohu Army, but they refuse to join. However, Izou's children decide to go because they don't want their father to leave them behind. Izou's new mate known as Mitenshi also goes with the Ohu Army with Izou and the pups.

When a pack of evil rogue dogs raids the Ohu Army's territory, the dogs of the Kiinu Clan that didn't join them help out and many of them are injured including many of Izou's sons from both his first and second litters. Mitenshi has another litter on the day Kyoushiro's mate, Mary-Sue, has her second litter.

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