The son of Kuraitora
Hairy Tour Guide, is the son of the 2nd Bible-thumper Generation, Crematory.

When Shirozaru, Joe, and Jaguar go on a hunt with Maxime's sons, Hairy Tour Guide is angered as they enter the bible-thumper territory. He still doesn't see Maxime's sons so he gives Shirozaru, Joe, and Jaguar an ultimatum: Return to their own territory or get killed. As Maxime's sons catch Hairy Tour Guide's eye, he's angry enough to attack and he does.

Hairy Tour Guide is defeated in the fight and he returns to his group, breaking the news about the Ohu soldiers. Crematory sends him out to find his enemies and bring them back as prisoners, but he does it unsuccessfully as he is attacked by a boar and badly wounded. He scolds his father for sending him out and he is driven out of the group for two days. He forces Crematory to accompany him and they run into the female, Sai and the white koga, Shiroi who Hairy Tour Guide instantly attacks. Crematory orders him to let Sai go, but he refuses and this leads to a fight. Hairy Tour Guide is killed during this fight and his body is fed to the 1st Generation's leader, Chode.

Weed and his followers find a pile of bones on the ground later on in the story and Shiroi guesses they belonged to Hairy Tour Guide.

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