Hairo grrr
Shiro lickinglips
Kuro creeping
Shiro running
The double-knockoff brothers are a lot like Kamakiri and his three sons (a.k.a. they ripped them off), but these dogs have 20% Standard schnauzer in them. Though, they still have Irish Wolfhound blood. They're (they are) names are Hairy, Black, and White. They are knockoffs of both the Kai Brothers and the Kamakiri Brothers.

A long time ago, they were attacked by a doberman mix and his pack. Black lost his right eye, Hairy got a scar across his right eye, and White lost half of his left ear. They survived the attack and beat the doberman, scaring him and his pack away. That's when they were found by the dogs of the Kiinu Clan and they were welcomed to the group.

Today, the double-knockoff brothers are first, second, and third-in-command of the Kiinu Can. When Mitenshi and her children join Izou in the Ohu army, Hairy thinks they're betraying the Kiinu Clan and he pleads for the rest of his followers which White leaves to get. But when he returns, the Ohu army has allready left with Mitenshi and her children.

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