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[[Category:Deceased Characters]]
[[Category:Deceased Characters]]

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Chode is a big fucking baby who tattooed horseshoes on himself to impersonate the Koga elder. He failed miserably. He was raped thoroughly and repeatedly by the female Koga Dog named Ham Omelette between {Stop Making Yoshi's Mediocre Newer Stories Look Even Worse} and Ginga Tampon Shoot Yourself. He runs away like a little baby after Tesshin reasonably refuses to fight the puppy, Koji who is the son of the new Koga member, Hacker and the cousin of Ryouta, the son of a random koga dog. He didn't know Koji is also a Koga dog and recklessly left "his" Clan. Hacker and Ryouta go on a trip to look for the idiot a day later.

He is found unconscious on a road and Ryouta guesses he got hit by a car, but then they notice actual burns on him. Hacker notices a forest fire by the road and that makes them think that's how Chode got burnt. Chode is taken back to the Ohu army and Tesshin is upset to see him again, and then the idiot wakes up letting everybody know he's unfortunately alive.

Chode eventually dies from his brain damage and the Koga Clan dumps his corpse in a garbage dump. One of the angrier Kogas shits and pisses on the stupid cunt. Because of his death, he never got to badly influence his spawns, Kirono, Minami, Higashi, Nishi, and his grandson, Seibu.

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